Ballroom & Latin Dance Program

Firebird is now proud to offer our exciting Ballroom & Latin Dance program. Taught by expert instructors, the new program has both classes for adults, and a variety of options for children and teens of all ages. Our Ballroom & Latin classes will have you covered whether you want to just have fun, dance at a special occassion, or perform onstage. The program is divided into two sections: Social Dance classes, and our unique Performing Arts Ballroom training.

Social Dance Ballroom Classes

For adults and students of all ages

We offer group and private Social Ballroom dance classes to all levels of experience. This is a great way to get out of the house and have fun, to feel confident on any dance floor, or to prepare for a special occasion.

Adult Group Classes

We offer weekly adult group lessons. Whether you're a complete beginner, or a more confident dancer, you will learn a variety of Ballroom & Latin Dances in a relaxed, fun environment, from an expert ballroom instructor. These classes include weekly group lessons, monthly practice parties, and occasional "Out on the Town" parties, where we hit a nightclub to strut our stuff, have fun, and practice what we've learned. At the end of each season, all participants are invited to our Annual Ball.

See class times and more info in our Classes section.

Moms & Sons, Dads & Daughters: Group classes for families

In this unique class, we offer parents and their kids an amazing chance to bond and learn to dance together. This group class teaches pairs of moms with their sons, or dads with their daughters. Children ages 8-14 (and their parents) are welcome in this fun social class!

See class times and more info in our Classes section.

Private Classes for All Ages

We offer private Ballroom & Latin Dance classes for all ages, to hone your skills or prepare for a special occasion. We also offer custom choreography for wedding dances, Mitzvahs, special occasions, or special family time private lessons (for couples, dads and daughters, or moms & sons).

See our pricing and policies section for private lesson pricing and packages.

Performing Arts Ballroom

For performing children, teens, & young adults

Ballroom & Latin Dances are typically always either a social dance or a competitive sport.

But Firebird has always liked to be different. As recent inductees into the Best of Mountain View Hall of Fame in the Performing Arts category, Firebird is turning Ballroom dance into a non-competitive, onstage performance art.

Artistic director and former ballroom champion, Lotta Burton, and our new ballroom instructors and multi-title champions, Maria Maliarchuk and Irina Ushakova have been hard at work blending Ballroom and Latin dance into our unique Learn & Perform curriculum for performing Firebird dancers ages 4 years and up. Learn more about our award-winning ballroom staff.

The result will be a new type of dance onstage, blended in with our signature fusion style, a richer knowlege of dance for our dancers, and a more unique and exciting experience for our audience.

In addition to Firebird's well-known original dance shows, our audience can now look forward to Firebird's Ballroom Dance shows, a new and exiting chapter for the Firebird.

Ballroom Dance Theater is exciting and new not only new for Firebird, but also completely new for the Bay Area. We're excited to be offering a high level of Ballroom & Latin dance training, but in a non-competitive performance art context!